Sound Off!

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We encourage all of our supporters of the School Finance Network plan to help change the way Wisconsin public schools are funded by letting their voices be heard. One easy way to do that is by connecting with local sound-off columns. Some of these are in local newspapers, on your local TV station, online or in some other media. From time to time, these columns will focus on school funding or other related issues, or you can help begin a discussion. Both are good opportunities to help raise awareness of the good ideas the School Finance Network has introduced and will benefit your schools and children.

When providing a response, it's important to keep the conversation on a factual level, as there are many ideas and emotions surrounding this issue.  We appreciate your support!

Below are a few suggestions to get you going. Let them know why you think it is time for the state to change the way it is currently funding public schools and why you think that will help your district. Every voice matters and makes a difference.


"Sound Off!" -- WTMJ TV Milwaukee -- 414-967-5304 --


"Sound Off" -- Waukesha Freeman -- 262-513-2641 --

"Question of the Week" or "Voice of the People" -- Eau Claire Leader Telegram -- 715-833-9216 -- Web link

Forum Topics -- Appleton's Post Crescent -- 920-993-1000 -- Web link

Forum -- The Reporter, Fond du Lac -- Web link

Forum -- Green Bay Press Gazette -- Web link

Forum -- Herald Times Reporter, Manitowoc -- Web link

Forum -- Marshfield News Herald -- Web link

"OshKonversation" -- Oshkosh Northwestern -- Web link

Forums -- Sheboygan Press -- Web link

Forums -- Stevens Point Journal -- Web link

"Conversations" -- Watertown Daily Times -- Web link

Forums -- Wausau Daily Herald -- Web link

Forums -- Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune -- Web link