About Us

The SFN is made up of the following groups: AFT – Wisconsin, Fair Aid Coalition, School Administrators Alliance, Southeastern Wisconsin Schools Alliance, Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools, Wisconsin Association of School Boards, Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators, Wisconsin Education Association Council and Wisconsin PTA. With a new Legislature taking office this year, now is the time to get involved in the push for better school funding. On this Web site you’ll find more details of the SFN plan, why it is needed and how to participate.


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Push begins to change school funding

The School Finance Network campaign seeks to change the way public schools are funded across the state. The push is a major move in school funding, aiming to increase funding opportunities for all schools and enhance targeted funds for categorical aid.

The School Finance Network, a statewide coalition of 9 groups, has been meeting for two years to develop a proposal for lawmakers to consider this year. The move will encourage veteran and newly elected legislators to keep their promise to voters to maintain Wisconsin's great schools.

Every child should have the opportunity to receive an excellent education, and Wisconsin has a long tradition of investing in great public schools. To keep this tradition strong, we need a more effective system of school funding. After 15 years of capped funding, we need to protect programs across the board and restore opportunities in art, music and foreign language. We also need to direct more resources to business and vocational/technical training. We need a better system of school funding to avoid making more cuts in vital programs and services for children. We can't afford to wait to invest in our future.