Let's work together to keep Wisconsin's education tradition strong.

The School Finance Network is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to children, and to finding a better way to fund each and every one of Wisconsin’s public schools.

The result of this collaborative approach is a comprehensive plan that invests in opportunities for all of Wisconsin's children by creating a better, more accountable way to fund our schools.

Why bring forward a school funding solution now – in the midst of an economic downturn? The answer is simple: Investments in education are proven to benefit the economy. Besides that, this plan is the result of more than two years of thorough research and study by the nine member groups that comprise the School Finance Network. This coalition was formed at the request of Wisconsin legislators who asked that our state’s educators use a common voice in the critical school funding conversation.

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You’re invited to find out more about the School Finance Network, and to join us in protecting Wisconsin's education legacy.

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See how one Wisconsin school district is getting by with "creativity and stubborn determination." The mantra here is "find a way" for the children's sake, even if it means classes in double-wide trailers, or one man serving as principal and dean of students at three different schools.

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Coalition Members

From superintendents to bus drivers, from school board members to teachers -- educators, parents and Wisconsin residents dedicated to children have come together with a plan.

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